Al-Jannah ( Paradise ) The Promise of Allah


Muhammad Syed Adly | Message Of Islam, UK

This book has a description of Paradise, means to Achieve Paradise, acts which prevent the Muslims from entering Paradise.

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About this book:

May Allah Bless our brother Shaykh Adly for bringing us this wonderful book, which revitalizes the spirit! It is a wake up
call and reminder to us to act according to the revelation and fear of almighty Allah (Subhanahu wa ta Aala), to be content
with the minimal of material things and prepare ourselves for the day of judgement, the major journey.
The reader will clearly be affected by Shaykh Adly’s statement, “this one word, Jannah, was all they needed to hear,
and it was sufficient to make the Sahabah (Radya Allahu ‘Anhum) willing to sacrifice everything, to do almost anything,
and even to give their lives.” When we hear the word Jannah we are not motivated like the Sahabah. It is as if we don’t
realize that Jannah is a reality, not a dream. It is what Allah has created for us to enjoy if we have real Taqwa. The Sahabah
understood the implications of the word Jannah.
Shayk Adly uses the beautiful Ayyah of the Qur’an to describe Jannah. He also uses everyday examples that we all can understand and relate to. The “Pie in the Sky” concept of heaven is brought down to earth in this book and put before the reader.
It makes you feel like you want to go to Jannah now!

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