Diwan 50 ml دیوان



Diwan 50 ml | Arabian Oud

A harmonious fragrant scent of cardamom and rich oriental oud with a quiet herbal top of green violet petals mixed with the scent of warm tonka beans and magical patchouli.

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Diwan 50 ml       دیوان

From the origins of Arab luxury, with its original collections of poetry, which narrates a heritage and a historical fragrance, the horizons of our past blended with our contemporary present, and a perfume culminated in it, which tells in its divan the poems of your fragrant perfume. “Diwan” The place has a story embodied in your perfume

The top of the fragrance

Violet petals

A quiet herbal scent with a watery touch

The heart of the fragrance


The strong and fragrant aroma of cardamom spices


A warm, rich and authentic scent


Tonka beans

A warm and sweet scent reminiscent of a mixture of cinnamon and vanilla


A sweet, earthy scent, like green leaves on rainy soil


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