Dkhoun Emeraude Charm دخون امیرالدشارم



Dkhoun Emeraude Charm دخون امیرالدشارم | Dkhoun, KSA

Emerald Charm embodies luxury and elegance, and is an ideal product for people looking for unique and attractive scents, who want to have a fragrance that sets them apart from others and leaves a beautiful impression in the memory.


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Dkhoun Emeraude Charm دخون امیرالدشارم

From the house of Dkhoun, KSA, Emerald Charme is a luxurious and attractive fragrance, combining high-quality ingredients to produce a harmonious blend of oriental and western notes. This fragrance is unique in its composition, consisting of a luxurious oud sandal base, a heart of aromatic notes of musk, patchouli and chocolate, and a top of strawberry and mandarin.

Sandalwood and oud blend with woody and patchouli notes create a mysterious and alluring scent. The heart of musk and chocolate adds radiance to the fragrance, blending in a harmonious and balanced way.

The strawberry and mandarin notes at the top add a touch of vitality and freshness to the fragrance, making it suitable for everyday use and special occasions.

About the brand:

Dkhoun is an amazing Arabic and oriental perfumes brand specialized in producing a group of the most luxurious oriental perfumes and original Arabic oud. The company is widespread all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has an online store.


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