Hindi Moori Double Super Oud


Oud Bakhoor | Hindi Moori

A captivating and exotic fragrance that captures the essence of ancient traditions and opulence.

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Hindi Moori Double Super is one of the best quality types of bukhoor, a famous and loved oud from the family of Agarwood.

This exquisite oud emanates from the heart of the Indian forests, especially from the jungles of Assam, where the rare Moori agarwood is meticulously harvested and transformed into a rich and enchanting aroma. With its deep and woody notes, intertwined with hints of sweetness and spice, Hindi Moori Agarwood Oud offers a luxurious sensory journey.  It creates a sense of sophistication and a unique long-lasting aroma that uplifts all your occasions and is particularly useful for everyday use.

It is distinguished by its weight and its smell does not change from the beginning of its application on the charcoal until the end of it.

Available in packs of 12 grams (01 Tola)


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