Into the Qur’an: Let It Enrich Your Soul and Your Life


Sadaf Farooqi | IIPH, Riyadh

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Sadaf Farooqi’s “Into the Qur’an” is a profoundly shrewd and profoundly inspiring book that takes readers on a changing excursion into the profundities of the Quran.  
“Into the Qur’an” goes about as a profound compass, assisting readers with drawing in with the Quran on a profound and individual level. It explores the Quran’s capacity to stir and feed the spirit, helping thereby towards spiritual awakening.
The book is a guided exploration to concentrate on the Quran, training readers on the most proficient method to interface with its refrains, subjects, and illustrations for a more profound comprehension.
Proving practical relevanceSadaf Farooqi represents how the Quran’s immortal examples might be applied to present-day life, helping readers in finding functional answers to the issues they experience.
The writer incorporates individual stories and encounters that exhibit the Quran’s groundbreaking power in her own life, making the book significant and empowering.
“Into the Qur’an” dives into key Quranic subjects like kindness, absolution, appreciation, persistence, and love, accentuating their significance in the existences of devotees.
The book urges readers to contemplate on the Quranic stanzas and look for a more profound comprehension of their implications, advancing a feeling of association and otherworldliness.
While firmly situated in Islamic practice, the book’s experiences and shrewdness are general in nature, making it open to readers of all religions looking for profound edification.
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