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Madawi | Arabian Oud

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From the house of Arabian Oudh, Madawi – an enchanting scent of refreshing orange blossom on a base of natural patchouli and the warmth of luxurious amber, crowned with a rare blend of tropical fruits
Perfume Ingredients:
Top Notes:
Pineapple: A refreshing and fragrant tropical fruit.
Middle notes:
Orange blossom: A pure and powdery scent of white flowers sourced from the natural fields in North Africa.
Base notes:
Patchouli: A sweet, earthy scent reminiscent of fresh green leaves on damp soil. Musk: Velvety authenticity scent.
Olfactory Family:
  • Fruity

    Lively and full of vibrancy, fruity scents boast cheerful, magnetic, and delectable notes of apples, strawberries, raspberries, red fruits, and grapes, perfectly complementing your energetic lifestyle.


    Floriental fragrances merge the sweetness, sensuality, and warmth of oriental scents with the freshness and delicacy of florals, providing a distinctive, feminine, and exotic olfactory journey, characterized by bold floral notes like jasmine and tuberose.


    Fragrances in the woody family emphasize notes like sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, and patchouli. These scents often evoke a sense of earthiness and depth.

    Historical background:

    • The story of this perfume began with Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Jasser, may God protect him, the founder of this giant and pioneering company for the past 40 years. One day, Sheikh Abdulaziz decided to create a perfume named after his mother. It had to be made with deep love. The design and manufacturing of this perfume took about 3 years in search of the best perfume companies and designers. One of the world’s best perfumers, known as Dominique, worked on designing this perfume. The company that manufactured this perfume is IFF. Sheikh Abdulaziz’s desire was for this perfume to remind you of the authenticity of the past and immerse you in the present with all its details.


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