Muhammad ﷺThe Beloved of Allah.


Dr Salim bin Muhammad Rafi | Darussalam

“Muhammad ﷺ – The Beloved of Allah” offer authentic account of the life of the Prophet ﷺ and his ﷺ early call to Islam.

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This book is an effort into an in-depth analysis of social diversity, history and culture of the land of the Noble Prophet ﷺ before and during the emergence of Islam. It stands witness to the events whereby one individual changed the destiny of humankind and ensured its salvation forever by bringing the Divine words from the Almighty Allah in the form of the Noble Quran.

The reader will appreciate the easy and novel-style treatment adopted in this book whereas a number of rare pictures, architectural sketches and maps ;habe been included to examine Islam and the Prophet’s ﷺ life from a historical perspective.

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