Nafais Dokhoon Oud نفائس دخون عود



Nafais Dohoon Oud  نفائس دخون عود | Dkhoun, Saudi Arabia

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Nafais Dokhoon Oud نفائس دخون عود

From the house of Dhoun, KSA, Nafais Dukhoun Oud is a luxurious and distinctive fragrance characterized by a unique combination of beautiful natural and aromatic ingredients. This fragrance is exquisite with exquisite notes of tobacco and bergamot on the front, giving the fragrance a touch of warmth and attractiveness.
The heart of the fragrance is characterized by a wonderful blend of deep patchouli and soft rose, giving the fragrance a touch of attractiveness and elegance. These components are characterized by the perfect harmony between soft flowers and warm wood.

At the base, the fragrance features a wonderful blend of warm amber, Indian gospel and soft sandalwood, giving the fragrance a touch of allure and elegance.

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About the brand:

Dkhoun is one of the leading Saudi-based companies specialized in perfumes and fresheners in general. The company targets a customer segment that enjoys high-end tastes. It is managed by a distinguished group of companies specialized in producing more than one hundred sophisticated and unprecedented perfumes. Its website offers the finest quality and total dedication in the field of fume and perfumes, in addition to aromatic oils and vapors.


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