Nafais Dkhoun Rose نفائس دخون روز



Nafais Dkhoun Rose   نفائس دخون روز

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Nafais Dokhoun Rose نفائس دخون روز

From the house of Dkhoun, KSA, Nafais Dukhoon Rose is a luxurious and distinctive fragrance characterized by a combination of unique natural and aromatic ingredients. This fragrance features the high-quality ingredients for which oriental perfumes are renowned.

The top sparkles with notes of luscious Bulgarian rose, which gives the fragrance a touch of delicacy. The heart of the fragrance follows with a wonderful blend of rich and luxurious natural oud, giving the fragrance a touch of depth and luxury.

Nafais Dukhoun Rose is characterized by a wonderful aromatic base of natural oud mixed with wonderful floral notes, which give the fragrance a touch of attractiveness and elegance.

About the brand:

Dkhoun is an amazing Arabic and oriental perfumes brand specialized in producing a group of luxurious oriental perfumes and original Arabic oud. The company is widespread all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has an online store.


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