Study the Noble Qur’an (word-for-word, 3V)


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A comprehensive book on the English translation of the “Noble Quran by Darussalam Publications”.

Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali and Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan made a profound effort in this regard.

The Noble Quran in English is a translation of the Holy Quran in 3 volumes consisting of a total of 10 books.

The translation is colour-coded making the study of the Noble Quran word for word very easy. The translation not only mentions the meaning of the Arabic words but also gives insight into the grammatical terms. Each Arabic word is coloured and its corresponding English translation is coded in the same colour making it easy to understand the Quran.

To truly understand the Quran word by word, it’s important to know the translation of each word to understand the meaning behind each verse. Although a complete translation of the Noble Quran in English is given, however, that alone is often not enough to comprehend the Quran’s meaning.  Hence, this book also contains an idiomatic translation in parallel to provide a deeper insight.

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