Tajweed For All


Umm Muneer Saadiqa Matthews | Dakwah Corner

Learn at your own time and pace, as this book has been designed for use with or without the supervision of a teacher.

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About This Book:

Umm Muneer Saadiqa Matthews’ book “Tajweed For All” intends to teach Tajweed, the rules of appropriate Quranic recitation, to readers of various backgrounds. Umm, Muneer Saadiqa Matthews provides Tajweed principles in a clear and understandable manner in this book, making it accessible to learners of all levels. The book addresses important Tajweed topics, providing vital insights on perfect pronunciation and articulation when reciting Quranic verses. Umm, Muneer Saadiqa Matthews’ method is user-friendly, making it simple for newcomers to comprehend the fundamental rules of Tajweed.

With “Tajweed For All,” readers can learn how to recite the Quran with precision and beauty. The book offers step-by-step instructions and practical exercises to help students improve their recitation and form a meaningful relationship with the heavenly words of the Quran. The inclusiveness of “Tajweed For All” ensures that learners of all ages and linguistic backgrounds can benefit from its teachings. It is an excellent resource for adults and children who want to enhance their Quranic recitation.

“Tajweed For All” is a great resource for anyone who wishes to recite the Quran correctly and melodiously. Umm, Muneer Saadiqa Matthews’ passion for making Tajweed accessible to all readers shows her desire to promote the beauty and substance of Quranic recitation to learners all across the world.

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