The Daily Practices of the Prophet ﷺ


Abdullah bin Hamoud al-Furaih | Darussalam


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About This Book:
“The Daily Practices Of The Prophet ﷺ by Abdullah bin Hamoud Al-Furaih is an engaging and profoundly enhancing book that dives into the existence of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, furnishing perusers with significant bits of knowledge into his everyday practices, schedules, and excellent lifestyle. This book is a goldmine of data for individuals who need to repeat the Prophet’s ﷺ lessons and way of life.

Abdullah Al-Furaih offers a far-reaching and broad examination of the Prophet’s ﷺ day-to-day schedules, crossing all components of his life like love, individual cleanliness, and social connections, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg,  drawing on valid and irrefutably factual sources like Hadith and verifiable reports.

This book is something beyond an assortment of verifiable records. It offers perusers down-to-earth exhortation and knowledge for integrating the Prophet’s ﷺ lessons into their own regular routines, making a more profound association with their confidence.

By digging into the Prophet’s propensities and ceremonies, the book expects to improve its perusers’ otherworldliness, bringing them nearer to their confidence and fostering a more significant comprehension of Islamic customs.

In light of Islamic practice, the examples from the Prophet’s ﷺ ordinary schedules have worldwide appropriateness, giving experiences into ideas of generosity, sympathy, morals, and self-awareness that can help individuals from varying backgrounds.

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