The Hidden Pearls: Seerah Encyclopedia V2


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The Hidden Pearls (Al-Lulu Al-Maknoon) is a comprehensive, all-inclusive encyclopedia on the life and works of Muhammad ﷺ. We have tried, to the best of our ability, to include in this momentous work all things relating to the final Messenger of Allah ﷺ. We have neither overlooked nor trivialized a single minor event or secondary fact, chronicling every incident from his birth to his death. Each and every event has been thoroughly researched, examined and vetted by the thirteen-member Committee and then written in an easy, flowing style.

In this book, we have described in detail the social conditions of his times, the modes of life and the habits and the temperament of the inhabitants of Arabian Peninsula as well as the general conditions of the people living near or around them. All of this is essential to a proper understanding of the age in which he lived, the most brilliant epoch of human history, and to discover the reason for which Allah chose the Arabian Peninsula as his birthplace and the starting point of his sacred, universal mission.

In pursuing our goal, we have been impersonal and objective in all technical matters through this project, including in the methodology of this academic research work. By the grace of Allah, we hope that readers of ‘The Hidden Pearl’ will be transported mentally and spiritually to the era of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. To feel as though one was experiencing that blessed age, being instructed, chastened, and refined morally and spiritually, to feel oneself being molded into a dutiful slave of Allah by the supreme guide of mankind – that is what we hope each and every reader will experience as they read the biography of the greatest man who ever lived.

To this end, we have made the contents of the encyclopedia follow a chronological order. We have sought a style of writing that will effectively highlight the various events of the Messenger’s life ﷺ, giving them special significance by ensuring that the entire book has been written in a simple, appealing, and logical manner.

Volume #2 covers:

  • Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ lineage and family
  • Great signs of the coming of the Prophet ﷺ
  • Birth of Muhammad ﷺ & days of his youth
  • Prophecies about Muhammad ﷺ

Note: This is NOT the translation of the 4-Vol Arabic work with the same name, اللؤلؤ المكنون.

It is a brand new work, recently compiled by Darussalam, originally in Urdu and being translated into other languages of the world.

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