The Islamic way of Cultivation


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This book titled “The Islâmic Way of Cultivation” by one of our beloved Ulama Sheikh Muhammad Amaana Al- Jaami [May Allâh have mercy on him], is a lecture transcribed into a book that delves into the importance of the muslims in cultivating themselves based on the Qur’ân and Sunnah and giving insight on the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of man.

The Sheikh gives a different perspective on the way the disbelievers educate and teach contrast to the way that Allâh the Almighty has revealed to His last and final messenger Muhammad ﷺ, who was sent to all of creations as a mercy to them.

We at Al-Hujjah Publication hope that our readers will find this book to be of a benefit for those who have sort of lost their way,
when it comes to taking stock of themselves and holding their souls to account.

We ask Allâh the Almighty and Majestic to accept this humble effort from us and to bless the Sheikh and all of those who helped in this publication, and we ask Allâh ﷻ to forgive us for our short comings.  And, that the reader continues to support us in our efforts, and should there be any mistakes please contact us, so that we may address them, and perfection is with Allâh ﷻ.

Every ideology has its way of teaching, and a quality that makes it distinct in cultivating the individual and the community. Islam however, has its special and distinct way of teaching; possessing some unique characteristics which the other ideologies do not share. Islam is the only ideology that aims in building a pious person; whereas the rest of the ideologies aim to formulate a good citizen and there is no doubt that preparing and formulating a pious man is more all conclusive, well detailed and more exhaustive than preparing a good citizen.

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